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We've compiled a few tips and tricks for you to keep your vehicle looking fresh.

Rust prevention

When rust begins to develop on your vehicle, it threatens to destroy the entire body. No matter where you live in the UK or accross the world, you are always under threat of rust attacking as a result of heat, humidity, rainwater, saltwater & salt applied to the roads.

Here we will go over a few steps that will contribute towards keeping your vehicle rust-free.

Maintain the underside of the vehicle

Using a jetwash on the underside of the vehicle will wash most of the saltwater off, this is pivotal especially in Winter months.

Wax the body of the vehicle

Waxing the body of the vehicle may seem like a chore, but if done at least once every 6 months, will allow water to bead off the bodywork and therefore reduce the chance of rust. 

Use appropriate products to wash your vehicle

Using soap that is specifically designed for washing vehicles is vital. Using washing up liquid or other similar products may seem cheaper than buying the proper stuff, but they lack the additives that maintain the health of your vehicle's bodywork.

Using the appropriate car cover

If you do decide to use a car cover to protect your vehicle, ensure that your car cover can beath. This prevents ground moisture from being trapped under the vehicle. 


Swirl Prevention

In this section we will explain the process of swirl prevention to your paintwork.

When washing your vehicle, you will often notice swirl marks on the surface of the paintwork. If you are like us, we cannot tollerate this and we have found many ways in which to prevent swirling.

Rinse off the grit

Before even touching the bodywork, you need to rinse off the grit that has built up on the car. Simply use a gentle sprinkle hose attachment (or a watering can) on an angle to prevent grit from being pushed into the paintwork.

Use the two-bucket-method

Although you may look and feel mad for doing this, using two buckets to wash your car is a major factor within the car-washing process. Using a bucket of soap & water combined, and a seperate bucket of warm water will dramatically decrease the likelyhood of swirls on your bodywork. Simply use the soap/water bucket to wash the area, then go straight into the water only bucket to get rid of the grit & dirt and therefore allow the soap/water bucket to be free of grit.

Get rid of that sponge

Although you might have used a sponge since the day you bought your first car, it has been found that they rapidly cause swirling in the paintwork of your car. This is because the surface of the sponge is flat, as some of the dirt particles that are on your car are sharp, if you place a sponge down on top of these dirt particles they become trapped between the face of the sponge and the paintwork. When you wipe the sponge accross the paintwork, you move these particles across the paint. As a result, the grit causes hairline scratches to appear. Over time, this will cause heavy swirling and when your car is visible in natural light, you will notice the swirling (usually in a circular motion).

Customer testimonial "Perfect Job"

I took my VW Golf lease car to Allerton Car Body to have the rear bumper resprayed after reversing into a low post. They did an absolutely fantastic job, and you'd never know it was ever damaged! It'll save me a fortune when it gets returned!

- Liam Jones, Widnes -
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